Feb 232018

Well, I was wrong, my energy didn’t last until 2 pm yesterday, I actually didn’t have any all day.

So I decided to not go running, (I’m still not sure if that was an okay decision or not.) and listened to the next epic English episode of the podcast instead. Which took most of my free time all day. (It is one hour and forty minutes long which tells you how much free time I had yesterday.)

I taught lots of students. I talked with my husband about an important letter we need to send that has been sitting on my desk for months now. I ordered lightbulbs that have been in need of replacement for more than a year.

It still feels like I didn’t get anything done because I didn’t play the piano and didn’t write. It was pretty clear that the only time I’d have to write would be in the evenin, and by then I was so braindead that I didn’t even try.

I did go to bed on time and got a solid eight hours of sleep (and I feel like this warrants pompoms and a parade), and that was it.

Now I’m having this weird hangover from having slept enough for once.

Today there will be all the cleaning, not quite as much teaching as usual, all the music and all the writing.

We had plans to make pizza for lunch but I think we’re out of tomato pulp so that will be interesting. I might have to go to the store.

Funny enough I feel like my energy for the day is already gone.

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