Feb 202018

Nothing really remarkable yesterday. I did manage to write my 500 words at the last minute again, and this morning I woke up thinking that I don’t like them and might throw them out again. Which is okay.

It feels like I didn’t really do anything yesterday but I did a ton of little tasks, and helped the boy get his application into shape. I’m hoping to send that off today.

Today there will be grocery shopping and all the usual and teaching and practicec, and then we’ll see. Oh, and writing, of course. And strength training would be very good. I’m not quite sure if I should leave that until evening so that the boy can join me, or if that will just mean I won’t do it because he has something more important to do instead.

I almost got enough sleep.

Better than nothing I guess.

I started reading a new book two days ago and am just about to decide to abandon it altogether. Which I almost never do. It isn’t even all that bad, I’m just not really interested in learning more about the main character or the story.

Since I have all these really great unread books on my ereader I’m thinking this isn’t worth it.

Rather unusual that.

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