Feb 172018

Well, making that list yesterday and getting clarity about my goals and such really helped.

I actually managed to do the weekly cleaning, and most of it even before lunch. And I took a shower and washed my hair early enough that my hair was almost dry when we went out, even. Did not put on makeup but that’s okay.

After lunch I immediately did the dishes, and then went on to watch the book cover design course. Only got through 1 1/2 hours but that’s okay. I multitasked and painted my toenails while watching and spun the next 25 grams of BFL for the slippers I want to make.

Did actually practice, too, ate dinner alone because my husband got chatting with a student and after waiting for half an hour I was too hungry to wait longer. Then I watched 1 1/2 episodes of „Dollhouse“.

I don’t remember the second season as vividly as the first one, I guess I might have watched the first one twice in the past. Still, excellent show and I’m enjoying it tremendously.

The boy managed to get away to his poker night on time, and with everything he’d need. This time for the first time I told him to look up which train to take himself. He can use the internet same as me, I think it’s time he’s becoming a little more independent.

In the evening I had an attack of „I’m the worst writer ever.“ which told me that I need to get back to writing. Which I did. And now I’m feeling a little better about it. Duh.

Today I want to go for a run again, first time since Monday. I also want to make music and write, if only a little, and I will record the epic English podcasting episode. I might watch a bit more of the the book cover design course but definitely not two hours of it like I planned because that would mean I’d spend my whole evening doing that.

I’d like to write another 500 words or so, and to see how long that will take me.

I have high hopes of turning out the lights around ten.

This is the life.

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