Feb 122018

Not that we celebrate.

Today will be a pretty normal Monday with only two students.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything all day but surf the web, read, spin, and knit. And watch Star Trek.

I also talked to my mother on the phone, and she asked me to come visit even though I had already told her I didn’t want to this year.

And now I have spent a whole day agonizing over it, and I guess I’ll be seeing them over Easter. She also said I could stay at theor place which I definitely don’t want because theor house is extremely small, and that would mean either shring a bed with my mother or staying in my father’s cramped and overflowing office.

I do need quite a bit of time alone every day, even here at home, so nope. I’ll look for a bed and breakfast. Even though I won’t need the breakfast.

When we were talking about this, and how I don’t really want to see them, especially because my father has gotten a pain to be around (I’m suspecting beginning dementia) my husband said, „You should think about how you would feel if they died soon and you hadn’t seen them this year.”

Not that I think I’d regret it but that got me thinking. Traveling there, even with the eight hours of train rides and the days of sitting around being bored and exasperated, and the week I will need afterwards to feel like myself again, might not be that much of a sacrifice.

I’m sad for them that none of their children really wants to spend time with them. And I really hope that my own relationship to my son will not deterioate like that. That he’ll continue to enjoy spending time with us. I’ll do my best in any way.

So. Today there will be running, and music, and teaching two students, and spinning, and writing, and all kinds of things. Cleaning and changing the sheets might be a good idea as well.

Not quite sure if I should send the boy out to get the traditional Faschingskrapfen. Might be nice. We only ever eat them on carnival. Maybe I should make some myself but they need to be deep fried and I never quite know what to do with all the oil afterwards.

Nah, maybe next year.

It’s funny with us, we don’t clebrate carnival at all (I guess you really need to be catholic for that.) for us it’s all about the food.

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