Feb 092018

But not quite as much as I feared I’d need.

Yesterday was super-busy but now the new podcast episode is done and ready to go live this afternoon. I decided that It’s no use to stick to a Saturday afternoon launch when I’ve already got it finished and ready to go.

With all the work on the podcast there was no writing yesterday at all. Which is a bit cruel because I want to know what happens next. Well, I do know what happens next but not what will happen after that. Not before I write it.

Of course I could just spin the story a little further but I’d rather put it down on paper. I’m afraid if I think too much about it it will turn into a long daydream instead of something other people can read.

So yesterday was mostly podcast, with an hour of chopping kale thrown in. My husband pulled most of the kale from the snow yesterday morning which meant that I got to chop, chop, chop, right after my run. Which was gorgeous. I even took a picture for you:

IMG 1156

I’m trying to get better about taking and posting pictures here.

Then after endless chopping and cooking and preparing kale for the freezer we had our wonderful lunch (and in case you’re wondering that beer there is alcohol-free for once; every day for lunch my husband and I share one – and yes, those are double-knit Star Trek potholders, and yes, I started eating before taking a picture, I was that hungry):

IMG 1160

Then it was all podcast and teaching until bedtime. And then I was so exhausted that I didn’t write. Went to bed a little late, slept a little better than the days before.

Today would have been completely insane if I hadn’t just found out that the concert we were supposed to attend tonight will actually be on the 23nd instead of today. Which is a big relief because that means I will have a little time in the evening instead of rushing around all day until falling into bed.

So today I want to clean everything, run more errands (we had a grocery list fail and are about to run out of toilet paper, and we are having three people for lunch tomorrow with no time to cook for that so I will have to get provisions, and I need to go to the drug store), practice in the morning (yeah, I know that’s very unlikely), and then we’ll go out for Chinese because the boy comes home early for the last day of school before carnival break. We will celebrate his very excellent grades in English and his abysmal grades in Latin. He is planning to install and emergency Latin-study program again over the next few weeks. Wish him luck.

Then I will teach, teach, teach without a break until it’s time for dinner, and then it will be the official start of a free week. Phew.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the concert isn’t tonight. I keep looking at the list of concerts on the fridge to see if I’m imagining it.

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