Feb 062018

Yeah. I might have gotten a little less sleep than I need yet again.

I had an idea for a new series of novels yesterday (no, I didn’t finish the flash fiction story), and can’t wait to write that thing. Since the day was rather busy, and the boy needed help with his science fair presentation that meant I stayed up late writing.

I’m trying to write without an outline again because that just works much better for me (doesn’t cost me as much time because when I try to outline I usually just spend weeks staring at a blank page) and this time I’m trying something I’ve never done before, I’ll try to revise as I go, so that I don’t end up with a sloppy first draft but with something like a finished novel at the end. That will probably go slower than just banging out the words but then I might not need several weeks of procrastinating about revision.

As I told you before, I read Dean Wesley Smith’s „Writing into the Dark“ (affiliate link) and I’ll be trying that method. This will be really interesting. I am all excited up to the point that I can’t focus on anything.

I also thought about sewing more t-shirts – which would be great and much needed – but since I bought new winter shoes this month already I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on fabric. So I thought I’d rather sew something I had already planned and bought the fabric for.

I have a nice flowered cotton lying around that’s supposed to become a light dress or tunic. So I pulled out my trusty „Design-It-Yourself Clothes“ (amazon affiliate link) again, and looked up the dress I wanted to make. Now that book has you make your own patterns in order. You start with a basic tee and a skirt, a sundress and a pair of pants, and then you learn how to make variations from those.

For the dress I want to make I would need the patterns for a basic woven shirt, and the pattern for a sundress. Both of which I haven’t made, and don’t really want right now. But. Having a woven shirt with a collar would be nice, that’s something you need often. So I’m thinking of making a muslin shirt out of off-white cotton I have lying around. If I’m lucky I could even wear that occasionally. And then I’d use those pattern pieces to construct the dress.

Of course that means more work.

Basically everything I’m plotting at the moment means more work.

But then I’m also having a little more energy. I only have to take care that I won’t crash and burn.

So. today there will be grocery shopping, and quite a bit of teaching (potential new student coming in today), a little housework, music (didn’t make much the last few days, oops), a whole lot of writing (I hope), some spinning, and a webinar to watch tonight.

Bonus points for watching a little more of the book cover course. Extra bonus points for making deodorant (ran out this morning), making mouthwash (ran out ages ago), and installing the magic lantern software on my camera.

Still haven’t found the time and space to write down all my to dos.

I wonder why that is.

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