Feb 042018

So yesterday went very well, though I didn’t make music or worked on writing in any way. I went running, and that was great:

IMG 1137 jpg

IMG 1139 jpg

And then had lunch, and watched the book cover workshop some more, and then I sewed the Plantain t-shirt.

And I even finished it and it fits, and I’m loving it. Here’s a very bad picture of it with unkempt hair, no makeup, and tattered yoga pants:

IMG 1140 jpg

The concert was really great, and I did not nod off (hurray!) and my husband’s friend seemed to like the music as well even though he had never heard anything like it, and we came home late (train pulled out the station just as we were running up the stairs), and then I stayed up even longer.

Found that the friend I had given my novel number one to for reading and feedback did send the feedback. Since I already know that she didn’t like it I’öö postpone reading the feedback until after I have finished going over the current novel-in-progress to look at all the scenes I have marked unfinished.

My plans for today involve elaborate cooking (well, helping to cook) for lunch, maybe a nap (only got five hours of sleep last night), maybe write a post for my author blog, but definitely watching „Silk Stockings“ this afternoon because I rented the movie Friday night, started to watch it, and will have to finish watching that until tonight. Otherwise I will have to pay for it again.

I’m tired but my mood is still pretty good which is somewhat weird. I’m blaming the thyroid meds.

Bonus points if I manage to do yoga today. But it doesn’t look like it. I just hope to start the upcoming week with some extra energy because it’s looking pretty full already.

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  1. I keep forgetting, that I used to call my thyroid pills “Gute-Laune-Pillen”. The other sort of Gute-Laune-Pillen is my multivitamin.

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