Feb 012018

The thing that’s bugging me the most about yesterday is that I didn’t write. There are a few other things I planned to do but didn’t, that I’m completely okay with, but that one makes me cranky.

Of course there’s only one solution for that (since I don’t have a TARDIS), I really have to write today, and it would be best to do it during the day. So that’s my most important thing.

I also didn’t do strength training but I did buy lots of potatoes at the farmer’s market because my husband was pressed for time, and I did install new firmware on my DSLR (third time’s the charm) and tried the new remote for that camera (and it did work). I also vacuumed that old part of the house which is really satisfying.

So today it is raining and gray and cold. There will be writing, and running, and teaching, and practice, and reading, and crochet, and spinning, and maybe the putting together of the paper pattern for the t-shirt I want to sew, and maybe strength training (probably not), and vacuuming the annex, and then helping the boy with his presentation yet again, and I think that’s enough for one day.

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