Jan 302018

I might be extremely tired because the boy has a presentation today. Meh.

So yesterday went pretty well in the beginning, I ran (almost early enough), and then I actually tacked ten (okay eight) minutes of strength training onto the end, and helped a little with making lunch, and took a shower. Then I even pulled out the sewing machine, sewed two seams, tried transferring marks from the pattern to the fabric, and found that I didn’t have the patience for that, and packed everything away.

I practiced, I taught, I tried installing new firmware on my camera and failed, found that all the batteries for it need recharging and gave up on that for the day. (I think I might have a solution for my problem with the firmware, though, it might work if I use the very old computer I still have sitting around. My OS might be the problem.)

I put new strings on the travel ukulele that had been sitting there without strings for two days. That is good.

I still haven’t managed to make a complete to do-list and it’s driving me crazy.

After dinner the boy said that he needed some things printed out for the test presentation for next week’s science fair. Not a problem, or so I thought. Turned out that the printer wasn’t printing colors. And that it had dried out. And that I needed to self-clean it a gaziliion times. And change the ink. Repeatedly.

Two hours later I finally had something that worked. All the while my husband was cranky because we had disturbed his evening routine, and he couldn’t make music with all the hullabaloo in the annex.

I went back to the kitchen after that and ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. Bad move.

Then I decided to not write that evening because it was too late.

Then I decided to not let a thing like that stop me, and wrote anyway, almost falling asleep while typing.

And then I actually dozed off several times before getting up from the bed again to brush my teeth and wash my face, and then I remembered that we didn’t have any bread for breakfast, and I went down to the basement and got some out of the freezer, and then I went to bed way too late.

Next time I should write first, and save myself some weight gain and an hour less of sleep. But then that’s what I always say.

So I might be a little tired today. I also will go grocery shopping, and make music, and maybe attempt to install the firmware, and make progress on the muslin, and write some more. I am very close to finishing the novel in progress.

I have a feeling that this will be one of those days where all I do is think longingly of bed all day, and then in the evening I sit in the kitchen for three hours before tackling the dishes. (Guess what is looking at me right now? Last night’s dishes. My husband even started doing them because I was busy with the printer but then the boy decided to start taking a shower, and doing dishes while someone is in the shower is just cruel.)

With one word – meh.

Onwards and upwards.

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