Jan 262018

So I took my first ever thyroid pill and didn’t really feel different. As was to be expected. There was a brief moment of lessening brain fog some time in the morning, no idea if that was real or not. It did make me realize how foggy I usually am these days, though. It’s a bit scary when you can’t rely on your mind working properly.

Since I couldn’t decide between walking and yoga for the day I just put on running shoes and went running instead. And it went fine. I really missed that. Even if I had to wade through acres of mud again. My poor shoes are completely covered. I keep thinking that I should clean them but then they just get muddy again tomorrow.

So I managed to do most of what I wanted yesterday, including recording the podcast, finishing the crochet blanket, and writing my 500 words.

Today will be busy again. I’m hoping for cleaning, music, writing, reading more of novel number one, spinning, and a little less teaching than usual on Fridays. One student canceled, and the boy said that he’d like to continue learning the piece he got last week so we’re skipping the lesson today, and he’ll just practice tonight. He is doing very well. He is set on getting this right, and really digs in. Fascinating.

I’m usually in the same room when he practices so I get to watch what he’s doing. Every time he gets something wrong he goes back and fixes it. Which is very good.

Now if only I would actually practice instead of just doing warmup that would be a good thing too. But I am a little swamped.

Spent a lot of time thinking about the new cardigan I want to knit. It’s either dying some sock yarn I have, or dying and spinning some merino fiber I have, or finishing spinning the burgundy merino in progress. That one is no fun to spin for me anymore. It’s staining my fingers and the spindles when I work on it, and for plying I’m using a technique that’s new to me so that’s hard too.

But I guess using yarn that’s already a third spun is better than the alternatives. And if I don’t finish that yarn it will always bug me. I don’t like giving up. Not at all.

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