Jan 212018

So the house concert is over.

We basically spent all day yesterday preparing and dreading it. I baked lots of rolls, and we got all our equipment to the space where we did the concert, and we only had to go back because we had forgotten something twice.

There were only very few people there, unfortunately, the weather was rather bad with lots of snow coming down, maybe that was part of it. There had been lots of people saying that they had something else but would try coming anyway, and that didn’t really work out, of course.

The music was fun, my husband did several solo improvisations, and his friend played sitar, and I played my two songs, and was very pleased with how it went.

We came home around 1 am, the boy included, and so I only got five hours of sleep.

So I’m expecting today to involve a lot of sitting around and doing nothing, and I hope that that will restore me enough to tackle the next week.

I’m proud that I managed to get my 500 words in yesterday even though I was so nervous about the preformance, and was so busy all day, so that’s good.

And since there are only four more rounds to crochet on the huge blanket I have actually started to make plans for another huge crochet blanket. For the boy’s bed. A ripple blanket in grays and black. In acrylic. The horrors.

The planning stage of any project is always so exciting! I’m loving it.

There are pictures of the concert but they are on the big camera, and I will have to look at them, and get them on the computer first. I’m hoping that the boy took one of me playing that is not blurry.

  2 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 131: And it went pretty well”

  1. Sounds like a very nice evening.
    Why acrylic for the boys blanket? Isn’t it much less warm? And how to say “fühlt sich doch gruselig an!”

    • Yes, it was nice.

      The boy doesn’t tolerate wool at all. even the softest wool makes him itch, and so I’ll be making an exception to my “no plastics”-rule.

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