Jan 182018

I had a rather low-key day yesterday because of the hurt calf. I spent most of the morning in bed with my leg up, iced and in a compression bandage. Sitting there, reading and crocheting felt kind of nice for an hour or so, and then my mood turned pretty low. I know why I don’t spend days in bed anymore if I can help it.IMG 1113

Huddling under the blanket in progress, resting my leg.

Still the leg was feeling much better. I had my husband and son do most of the carrying and fetching for me, and tried to enjoy the slow days as much as I could.

Teaching in the afternoon, and then I had a hard time making myself practice for Saturday and write the second half of my 500 words but I wrote. And I have an inkling how to get the story from where I am now to where I want it to end, so that’s good as well. I now have 74,000 words of this novel, and it looks to be about 80,000 long which is rather long for me, and also for a mystery novel. Huh. This still will need revision even though I tried writing as clean as I could so we’ll see.

I’m also pretty excited about a non-fiction book I’m thinking of writing, and of course now I’d rather start that than finishing the one in progress. Like always. Finishing things is really hard.

Other than that ther eisn’t much happening which is good but doesn’t make for riveting blog posts.

I’m planning to stay in all day today again, and to huddle under my nice and cozy blanket for the half of the day that I won’t be teaching. Since my husband is meeting a friend for lunch today I will be responsible for providing food for the boy and me which means there will be frozen pizza. Yes, I do know how to cook, only I haven’t done so in so long that I’m completely out of practice. I guess I should start cooking regularly again. We’ll see.

Other than that and the obligatory 500 words (and maybe the start of an outline for the non-fiction book, ahem) there will be rehearsal for Saturday with my husband tonight.

The very good thing is that my leg barely hurts anymore, and I can almost walk properly again. I won’t go running for the next few days but I am contemplating a walk on Monday.

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