Jan 172018

So yesterday was another full steam ahead day until I was stopped in my tracks.

I did the massive grocery shopping. I’m still finding my way around the new supermarket, and it takes a lot of time. Also the new supermarket is in a small mall which means I have to schlep everything for ages before I can put it on my bike. The layout is much more convenient for people who use cars. Of course.

After lunch I did the dishes right away, and finally started writing my epic to-do-list. Then the firewood delivery came. In my hurry to open the garden gate I jumped down the front stairs a little awkwardly, and now I seem to have pulled a muscle in my right calf. Of course I then spent about an hour stacking firewood and pushing the wheelbarrow (in the pouring rain, I was wet all through) before teaching.

Only about an house later did I google „pulled muscle“ and found that moving the leg was not the best thing to do in this instant. And it really hurt.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching with my right leg propped up on a chair, and then put on a compression bandage and started icing and applying ibuprofen.

The good thing is that it’s feeling better already.

I guess I won’t be running for the rest of the week, maybe longer. It’s funny how one careless moment can change things. Also I have been a little too accident-prone the past few days. I ran into the same door twice in the same day (I have a thick bottom lip and a sore spot on my chin), and now this. I guess it’s time to slow down.

So today will be a lot of sitting around with my leg elevated and iced, also a lot of teaching, and an early night in. I think I’ll cancel the thing I had planned for tomorrow night, meeting other MENSA parents in a restaurant. With no car I would have to walk several kilometers, and I guess that would be foolish.

So I’ll write today, and practice, and rest a lot. That will be fun!

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