Jan 152018

So today brings my highly anticipated ENT visit to learn about the results of the sleep test last month. I’m not quite sure if I want to have sleep  apnea but then it’s not really up to me, and it is also highly unlikely.

Yesterday went reasonably well even if I didn’t sew yet again. I did put new strings on my concert ukulele, though, and I think I like those better than the ones I was using before. I also practiced all my instruments and the songs for Saturday’s concert, and I wrote 330 words. I just couldn’t be bothered to write more which is a bad thing.

And in the evening I sat down and spun. I’d like to start knitting another sweater but that means I will first have to finish spinning the yarn.

And then I didn’t want to go to bed because I both wanted to write more words to reach my 500 word goal, and not write, and also I didn’t want this week to start because this one will be a little stressful.

Which is a great reason not to go to bed and eat all the things. Why yes, I do remember my little speech about the importance of sleep the other day.

So today there will be a ot of sleepiness, and also running, the ENT visit, maybe a visit to the nice health food store a town over (because it’s right next to the doctor’s office), lots of teaching, practice, writing, and then – hopefully – early to bed. If I want to run today I will have to do it much earlier than usual which will cut into the time I have talking with my husband but maybe exercise is more important today than that. We’ll see.

I am already wearing my running clothes which in the past has always lead to not exercising but maybe this time will be different…

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