Jan 132018

And then yesterday was go, go, go all through the day until I turned the lights out too late at eleven.

I did manage to clean the house in the morning, and we had delicious homemade pizza, and then I sang a bit before teaching all.the.students all afternoon. Did not hav enough energy for strength training yet again, then dinner and some „Enterprise“ with the boy, then I finished getting the podcast ready for today and that was it.

Doesn’t sound like much, doesn’t it?

I was out of energy by four in the afternoon but kept going. Not something I like doing. Bad idea. At least I had written in the morning this time so at least that got done.

And it was too late to bake something for the spinning meeting so I’ll have to do that this morning.

Today there will be: writing, running, showering, baking (probably), and then rushing off to spinning meeting where I will stay all afternoon, then hopefully practice some time afterwards, and a leisurely evening doing nothing.

Funny how crowded the days become when you put a major project (like learning three new songs and preparing a house concert) on top of an already pretty full life.

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