Jan 122018

Seems that’s what it is right now every day. Whirlwind.

I felt wonderful after sleeping well yesterday, and was determined to get stuff done. I even started writing my 500 words right after breakfast but unfortunately my husband showed up after 42 words.

Then things got a bit hectic because it turned out that in addition to running I also needed to go to the health food store yet again. There was a grocery list fail. That thing happens way too often, we need to revamp our system.

After lunch I wanted to record the podcast, and I did, only my first student showed up half an hour early while I was right in the middle of recording. I’m really hoping that he’ll get the time right from now on, this is driving me crazy. But since I attempt to be flexible I just stopped recording for half an hour, taught the student, and then recorded the rest.

After that practice time was gone somehow, and I taught the rest of the students, forced the boy to practice piano (I don’t really have to force him all that much at the moment, I just send him a message saying, „piano playing at 6.30?“ and he comes down and plays), made dinner, did the dishes, practiced the songs for the concert next week, listened to the first half od the podcast and wrote shownotes, and then I wrote my 500 words. They weren’t good words but at least I wrote.

Since my energy had run out some time before the last student I ended the day shivering and cold in bed but this morning I got most of my energy back.

Today will be slightly insane as well, there will be cleaning, and non-stop teaching all afternoon, and more podcast shownotes, and preparing it for publication tomorrow, and practice, and maybe strength training, and some baking for tomorrow’s spinning meeting.

I will probably flop down and do nothing all Sunday if this goes on until then which it probably will.

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