Jan 102018

Busy is nothing compared to my days at the moment it seems. I’m making up for two weeks hanging around reading.

I did have an excellent plan for yesterday and that went out the window basically from the start. The boy had the two first periods off so he and my husband had breakfast at the same time which threw me. Of course.

I had planned to go grocery shopping, and check out the new supermarket, and I did but only after helping my husband with some research for about an hour. Which meant I was late with the grocery shopping which meant I could not help with making lunch which meant that everything got really hectic around lunchtime.

Then the boy had problems getting the front cover of his computer case off, so I helped with that, then did the dishes and got ready for teaching, and then only had time to practice singing and ukulele real quick.

Then teaching. In between my husband asked me to look over the concert invitations he had written, and to help him put a photo in. Then the boy had trouble getting his wifi chip to work. More teaching. I actually managed to practice the piano and sing through the last song for the concert before teaching my last student.

Then I made the boy practice piano, we did a very short strength training session, and then I helped him find a different wifi chip for his computer. And made dinner. And then helped the boy some more. My husband was nice enough to do the dishes which was great. But then he had trouble printing invitations because the printer was acting up.

Which meant that I only got to write a quick 500 words before falling into bed.

I feel like I didn’t catch a breath all day.

I had had hopes of getting to the sewing machine in the evening but no dice.

So. Today’s a new day.

There will be running, and teaching, and practice, and writing, and maybe even a little sewing tonight. I did look at the pattern last night, and have finally understood what to do next, and it seems less complicated than I thought, so that’s good. And I started to read through the first novel in the trilogy again because I need to look at it and I need to pull the song lyrics out because I don’t want to violate copyright.

I still haven’t had time to sit down and start my epic to do-list. I am seeing more and more things that need to go on it, though.

So business as usual, I’d say.

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