Jan 062018

I’m not quite sure I should be giving my days grades so much. In the end they are all pretty good, I’d say even the ones wehre I feel I have wasted time or where there was conflict.

So yesterday we started pretty late because of the birthday dinner the night before, and that influenced the whole day of course.

We had wonderful pasta e fagiole for lunch, and I sang and played the piano and I wrote 700 words. I also read for hours, and in the evening I spun while watching „Dollhouse“.

For once I did not skip strength trainng. It was legs and core day and I’m not quite sure I will be able to run today. I know that going out of my comfort zone is the only way to become stronger but well, it really is out of my comfort zone and I’m sore.

I have decided to skip cleaning for this week. Today I want to go for a run, and write, and make music, and not much else. I can mae plans to do all.the.things but I have a feeling that I’ll end up not doing the anyway, so I won’t.

I’m rather happy that this is the last weekend of Christmas break. It’s nice to have two weeks off but now I think I’m ready to go back to teaching and my regular routine again.

I like routine. I might have mentioned that.

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