Jan 052018

Yeah, I did not manage to get anything done yesterday after lunch. I knew beforehand and my attempts at not falling into my usually trap did not work out. It didn’t help that my husband was somewhat freaked about that family thing in the evening.

I did write my 500 words, and I went running, and got ready in time for the birthday dinner but that was about it.

The dinner went much better than we had thought it would, naturally. That often happens when you’re dreading something. The food was great, I spent most of the evening talking with the boy and a nephew and his girlfriend, and it was all real nice.

I went to bed past midnight but managed to sleep until eight so that’s good. It did throw off my whole morning but there’s nothing I can do about that. And I’m feeling a little bad because of eating food that we didn’t cook ourselves. It is really easy to forget about the fructose-intolerance when not eating out. Not that the food at the restaurant wasn’t delicious, because it was.

Today I hope to just have a quiet day with all my routine stuff. It is almost noon so I have no idea if I will manage the Friday cleaning. My husband is out running at the moment which would be a perfect time to vacuum.

I am still contemplating finishing the first draft of the novel-in-progress until next week. That would mean writing for a little more than an hour each day starting today. No idea if I want to do that or not.

Other than that I would love to have lofty goals for the day but the way I’m feeling right now I think I’ll probably spend most of the afternoon sitting around reading yet again, so no use in making grandiose declarations.

Regular days are just the best.

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