Jan 012018

We had a rather slow day yesterday which was kind of nice.

The cheese fondue for dinner was the best ever. We used the cheese that we had been given as a gift from my husband’s uncle and aunt who live in a region near the Alps that is famous for its cheese. For a reason, apparently.

Then the boy and I watched numerous episodes of „How I Met Your Mother“, we watched some „Star Trek“ and the inevitable „Dinner for One“ as a family, had champagne and snacks, ignored the fireworks as hard as possible, talked quite a bit, and went to bed around 2 am.

All of us declared that we like our normal days better than the ones that are supposed to be special. The boy complained about having to stay up late several times but didn’t want to go to bed anyway.

I slept until 8.45 which is pretty unheard of. Now I’m having a bit of a headache and have that slightly displaced feeling that comes with the change of routine. My hip and back tell me they didn’t like all the sitting around I did yesterday so I guess I’ll go out for my usual Monday run soon.

I haven’t started my bullet journal for the new year, that’s something I’ll sit down with this afternoon, I guess. I’ll write down my goals for the next year, and my monthly and weekly spread (everything at once this year – which I like in a way), and the overview over the next six months.

Other than that I’m hoping that the day will just be a normal day without teaching.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year, and thanks for reading.

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