Dec 302017

Going out for lunch was actually as nice as I hope it would be, definitely a highlight of the day.

The boy set an alarm for him and his friend so they showed up for breakfast at ten. I really appreciate that but I do feel a little bad for them because that meant they didn’t get enough sleep. His friend stayed until noon and left just before we went out for lunch.

In the morning I did clean the house. Well, I always feel rather bad saying that I „clean the house“ because what I do on Fridays (if everything goes well which it doesn’t always) is I clean the mirrors, empty the dustbins, wave a duster over most of the furniture, do a quick vacuum in the middle of each room, wipe down the sink and toilet and that’s it. I did not vacuum the outside hallway which would really need it, I did not wipe down the tub (couldn’t be bothered), I did not clean the cabinet under the bathroom sink or under the kitchen sink, both of which look rather horribly dirty.

But at least after that cleaning session the house looks somewhat nicer than before.

I finished just in time to get dressed for lunch. The restaurant was pretty empty. It’s usually rather packed, especially on Fridays at lunchtime but that’s with people who go to lunch from work. Right now between Christmas and New Year’s a lot of people don’t work. The waiters there are super-nice, and we talked with many of them. And we had rather decent food, and then we got three complimentary ouzos and that basically made me unable to function for the rest of the day.

We went to the grocery store, all three of us which is something we never do and got some more food for New Year’s, and then we walked home, talking all the while. Then the afternoon slump hit me, and just two hours later I managed to record the podcast episode. Be forewarned, it is an extra chatty one.

After that I felt unable to write. I was tired, and tipsy, and without energy.

We skipped strength training again, I know, bad move, the boy and I watched two episodes of „How I Met Your Mother“, and I went to bed early. Slept like a log until 5.30. My sleep tracker tells me that I had more than four hours of deep sleep which would be a lot. I do feel pretty rested, so who knows.

Today there will be running, and writing, and reading, and I want to publish the podcast this afternoon. And the usual daily stuff. I don’t remember everything but I made a list last night so I’m good.

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