Dec 282017

Well, I just had too much planned for yesterday. That always leads to not getting anything done.

After my husband’s breakfast I took a hard look at what I wanted to do in the morning, and then decided to skip the run. Especially since the boy went to school for his science project and needed to eat lunch at 12.15. There was no way I could run errands, go grocery shopping, and run before then.

So I walked around to the post office, health food store, and grocery store, then had lunch, and then spun a little more while watching instructional videos.

Then I started waiting for the boy to come back, surfed the web, played a video game, and procrastinated about writing. Which was my main occupation througout the rest of the day. I did enter the books I read up until September into librarything but that was all.

Had cheese and chocolate for dinner, watched Star Trek and such, did the dishes, and wrote about 600 words. And went to bed too late.

Today I woke up at 5.30 which means I will be really overtired today yet again. That will be fun for sure.

My plans for today are to run, help making a whole chicken for lunch, record the podcast, do four pomodoros of writing, spin, make music, and go to bed on time.

The boy has a friend over tonight for a sleepover so I’ll watch something without him then. Maybe „Dollhouse“. I started re-watching it some time ago. Didn’t get far if I recall correctly.

All of this sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? Doesn’t feel boring, though. Well, apart from the procrastination. That is pretty unfun. Yet I keep doing it. As if writing were a horrible thing to be avoided.

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