Dec 272017

So I was really looking forward to getting things done yesterday morning, And I even started writing right away. Only 124 words but it was a good start.

Made breakfast, found that the banana was not looking good but edible, wrote my blog post, meditated, and was done with all of that at 8. Of course my husband did only get up after 8.30. And of course I didn’t start the fire for him regardless.

Worked on the crochet blanket, and found that I’m only eight rounds away from finishing. Also found that it takes me about four days to finish a round so that will take a while. And I’m down to doing weird color combinations because I’m running out of yarn. Should be enough to finish, not enough to make it pretty.

We were early enough with everything that I even did my singing warm-up before lunch. And then we made pork cutlets for lunch – a rare treat – with potatoes, peas and carrots.

And then my day went sideways. The boy wanted me to hold his hand while he ordered the parts for his new gaming computer. Which I did, of course, even though I hadn’t planned for it. That took about 1 1/2 hours. And afterwards we dressed in something different than sweat pants and fleece shirts and went upstairs to my mother-in-law’s to talk with my brother-in-law and his four kids.

And whoosh, there went the rest of the day.

I did finish plying the rest of the advent calendar yarn, and then I decided on what fiber to use for the hat I want to make for my husband, and I divided the fiber, and looked for all the bobbins I need. I had watched Sarah Anderson’s spinning video again, and had decided to make a cabled yarn for that hat. My husband is pretty hard on his wool things, maybe a cabled yarn will help to make the hat more durable, and warmer.

So there was no playing of the piano, no playing of the ukulele or guitar, only very few words written, and no sewing. I did find the pattern for the Dottie Angel Frock and read the first part of the instructions, though. And I spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking for my fineliners and drawing notebook – I haven’t found those, though.

Then the boy and I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special while eating potato chips and truffles. We were both a little meh about that one, unfortunately, even though it does have its moments, and then I sat down and wrote another 500 words. And went to bed a little late.

When looking at my bullet journal afterwards I realized that we had forgotten strength training. Completely forgotten about it.

And my teeth hurt again. The gingivitis has been getting better over the last week, but the antibacterial mouth wash I’m using makes me lose most of my sense of taste. The only thing I can taste is sweet. Everything my husband cooks tastes really, really bland, as if he weren’t putting any salt on it or spices. While everything is riddled with delicious herbs and spices and everything. When we had dal  the other day the only way I could tell that it was hot with chili was by the way my lips were tingling.

I had hoped that I could stop the mouth wash soon but now it seems as if the whole thing isn’t gone yet. Meh.

So. Today is another day, I’m having high hopes for. If I manage to write 3,000 words a day until the end of the year I can still finish this first draft in time. I will also be running today, doing errands and grocery shopping, practice all the instruments, and spin a bit. Bonus points for starting on the Dottie Angel Frock muslin.

I would complain about how free days always go sideways but that just feels ungrateful and sad.

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