Dec 262017

Yesterday was the day that my lack of sleep caught up with me.

I had a pretty slow morning again, and even though I really tried to get out the door for my run by 10.30 I only left an hour later.

Running was great, the sun was shining, I felt fast even but the time on my phone told me that I wasn’t faster than the time before.

I had lots of plans and things to do but did have a slight problem with impulse control… Let’s just say that there are not a lot of cookies left, and that I spent quite a bit of time on the internet…

When I came home from my run my husband was busy making lunch, and also a little upset because his mother had interrupted him. She had wanted to borrow some beer from us for today’s lunch but there hadn’t been enough left. My brother-in-law and his four grown-up children will be at her place for lunch today. Since we usually are well-stocked she thought she could just borrow a few bottles with no problem. And she could have but she was all flustered because there were only a few bottles left. My husband kept saying, „I don’t know what she wants from me! There’s nothing I can do anyway!”

Because shops are all closed here on the two days of Christmas. So she couldn’t just go out and get some more.

So of course I hitched the trailer to my bike, hopped on it and biked all the way through town to a gas station that also sells beverages. Came home with a case of beer. My mother-in-law was pretty surprised. „But where did you get that? But you shoudn’t have! It would have been enough already!“ Well, then she shouldn’t have made such a fuss. Especially not at the time of day when my husband is cooking right after running because his mood is pretty low at that point anyways.

It is pretty funny, he runs the exact same route four times a week, and he is pretty fit but every single time he tells me that he is completely spent and doesn’t have any energy left. Not even to cook. But he does have to cook anyway. I, on the other hand, don’t feel as depleted after running as he does. He basically feels that running takes energy from him for the rest of the day. Four times a week. I found that when I come home from running, even from something like a 10K-run which I’ve only done once so far, I have no problem at all going out and buying groceries afterwards. Or riding my bike for a few kilometers. I’m pretty slow when I do that but my energy feels as if I could go on some more. Weird.

With the whole beer-kerfuffle I actually walked around in my running clothes until right before dinnertime, by the way. After lunch my husband usually takes a nap, and two days ago when I showered in the afternoon I managed to do so right when he wanted to take a shower, and then he had to wait an hour or so until the water was hot again. I didn’t want to risk that, and of course, yesterday he took a two hour nap, and there would have been plenty of time for me to shower, and the water to get hot again until he woke up. But I couldn’t know.

I read, I plied some more yarn, I played the piano and sang, I decided to eat lots of Christmas cookies and some cake and skip dinner because of that. And all the while my to do-list was staring me in the face.

The boy decided that he didn’t want to watch something with me which suited me fine, and dinnertime came around and I still hadn’t written a single word. or sewn anything. I really want to finish the two sewing projects in progress so I can start something new.

In the end I mended two pairs of pajama bottoms by hand, and copied a few pages from the book about drawing, and changed into pajamas (after taking a shower) around seven, and then I started writing. After 800 words I did fall asleep while sitting upright in bed, something I don’t particularly like, then I brushed my teeth and went to bed early.

So at least I got enough sleep for once. I only woke up at six this morning even.

Today there will be writing (a lot I hope but then I always hope for that), sewing, music, sitting and talking with my brother-in-law and his family, strength training, and then we’ll see.

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