Dec 242017

So yesterday was a good day even though I didn’t get done what I wanted. But sometimes you have to take it a little slower.

Since I had had only that small amount of sleep I was pretty slow the whole morning. My husband got up at 8.30, and it took an hour for him to get his breakfast ready with the wood stove and everything.

We talked and I helped him with some computer stuff, and I need to remember to do some more of that maybe tomorrow.

I got myself another book on writing, „Writing in the Dark“ (Amazon-Link) by Wesley Dean Smith this time, and I’m finding it really intriguing. This is the first book about writing in a long time that I’m reading all the way through without stopping or anything. That way of working is looking very, very attractive, and might solve a lot of my problems with writing. If it works for me – but I’m pretty certain it will.

I got so caught up in that and some other stuff online that I almost didn’t go running. I didn’t feel like it at all, I knew it would be muddy and somewhat unpleasant and being that tired doesn’t really help with the exercise. But on the other hand the running usually helps a little with the tiredness, and so I did go and run, and I loved it. Duh.

IMG 1062

Where I ran yesterday, for once I took a picture of the other side.

IMG 1064

This is what your shoes look like after traversing the big mud puddle. I tried to take a picture of the puddle as well but had to find that that didn’t work.

Then I made salad for lunch, we had spaghetti bolognese again, and then I went into my usual Saturday afternoon/first day of two weeks off-slump. Almost didn’t get out of it. I did put new nail polish on my toenails, though, and I played the piano for a bit, and sang, and I read the internet all afternoon, and it was all really nice.

The only drawback to that was that I had planned to write and to sew that afternoon, and I never got around to doing that.

The good thing was that for once strength training on the weekend did happen. Since today is Christmas Eve where we celebrate Christmas, I decided to move strength training to the day before. Because we won’t be doing strength training today while celebrating with my mother-in-law for sure.

And the boy went with it without any protest which was great. I was still a little sore from the time before so it seems I might get back into shape eventually.

Then I realized that there will be a new episode of Doctor Who in a few days which is wonderful, and then the boy and I had dinner in front of the TV where we watched a bad episode of „Star Trek. The Next Generation“ and a good episode of „How I Met Your Mother“. (That Star Trek episode, „Legacy“ might have been the worst in that season.) I managed to spin my advent calendar fiber while doing so, and am still all caught up.

Then there were dishes, and more reading, and watching the lecture about finding time to write – which was a bit ironic because I was watching the lecture instead of writing – then I had the last of the beers that I had gotten from Eliandhra, very fruity Pilsener, really good, and then I wrote another 1,200 words on my novel and went to bed slightly too late.

IMG 1065

I’m a bit sad that that was the last extraordinary beer I have. But I will have to check out different beers closer to home soon.

Woke up too early yet again which I’m decidedly meh about.

Today will be a quiet day I think, I want to do a little decoration so my mother-in-law will feel better, my husband will start the sauerkraut right after breakfast, there will be leftover pasta with leftover sauce and leftover champagne for lunch, I’m planning some writing, and some music, and maybe even a little sewing (don’t hold your breath), and then there will be the traditional Christmas dinner with my mother-in-law.

There will be only very few presents, and there will be cookies, and not much else and I’m really looking forward to it.

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