Dec 222017

And I’m extra tired again.

Yesterday was pretty full – as expected. Things went a little weird with the teaching in the afternoon. I had rescheduled one student for 3.30, and there was another one (the new one who hadn’t paid yet) for 4. Then, at 3.25 the new student was standing in front of the door. He, of course, had to wait half an hour before he could have his lesson. I tried calling his parents to tell them but couldn’t reach anyone.

Interestingly the rescheduled student didn’t show at all, and so I could teach the new student half an hour early after all.

Then I had expected some conflict when mentioning that they still needed to pay for December but the boy’s father just handed the money over in cash. Phew.

Which also means I am no longer broke. Which is a very good feeling.

There was also something I did yesterday in regards to my finances, I actually went through my budget and put everything that I had spent on books on writing, and the author website, and writing software into its own new category, „author business“. Sounds a little preposterous but I was pretty surprised to see that I only spent about 10 Euros a month on this. I thought it had been more.

I also talked to my husband about spending money for a WordPress theme. We could use it on our teaching website as well as both my blogs, and it would mean way less work in re-designing all those websites, and maybe better SEO for the teaching one. My husband agrees that sometimes it’s better to spend a bit of money instead of a lot of time and energy.

In the evening the boy played the piano, and we did our strength training (we seem to be getting better which is really good), and then he wanted to take a shower after dinner.

And then I had a massive slump. I hadn’t written a single word all day, the pile of dishes was huge, and I still wanted to spin the advent calendar fiber. The spinning wheel had been making a squeaking noise, and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Last night I tried a few things after consulting the troubleshooting part of Majacraft’s spinning manual, and they didn’t help but I think I have now identified the cause of the squeaking. Next step will be to locate the one very thin wrench that fits into the gap between the drive wheel and the post so I can tighten the drive wheel screw.

Then I was just about to give up on the day.

And then I wrote 500 words, and did the dishes and went to bed too late.

So I’m tired today but don’t feel like a failure. Well, apart from the massive amounts of chocolate I ate last night.

I am really hoping for an early bedtime today. The day will be rather packed again, the piano tuner is due to come at nine (which will probably mean that he’ll be here around eleven going by past appointments), I have a full afternoon of teaching with just one break in between, and for lunch we want to go out to the Chinese restaurant as a family.

Starting tomorrow it will be Christmas break for two weeks.


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