Dec 212017

Also it seems I’ve been doing this daily blogging for a hundred days in a row now. Wow.

So yesterday was packed as I knew beforehand, and since the day before did not really go as planned I put in some extra effort not to go the same route again.

I did put all the cookies into the basement, and I did not put a beer in the fridge, and I told myself that I could only have two, maybe four pieces of chocolate tops. And that I had to put every Christmas present that was edible into my husband’s care right away.

Plus my husband and I had talked about trying a new morning routine. He has been waking up earlier for quite some time but didn’t want to disturb my holy morning metime. Both of us felt that our start into the day was a little late because of his late breakfasts, though. So we talked and decided that he’d come over around eight, that I’d be finished with meditating by then, and then he would start the fire while I could write a bit.

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of that. So when my alarm went off I did not stay in bed for another fifteen minutes or so reading but instead got up and made breakfast. I started blogging while the boy was having his breakfast. He doesn’t mind, he wants to read twitter during that time anyways. I’m not quite sure I like it but that’s what he does.

That meant when the boy left for school at 7.50 I could meditate for a bit and still be done by 8.

Then I waited.

See, my husband also went to bed too late the day before, and slept in until 8.45 that day. Which was a bit funny but also allowed me to finally get some writing in. Only 348 words but that’s better than nothing by far.

Just when I started the fire he showed up, and I got to crochet a bit. I’m pretty sure I will run out of yarn before the blanket is done. But I’ll think about what to do then when it happens.

We talked, and then my husband went off for his run while I did the dishes, and when I went running twenty minutes later he was just standing there at the entrance to the woods talking to a guy who walks his dog every day. Turned out my husband had had such a good time chatting to that guy and another dog walker that he had just started his run.

Which meant that we actually ran together for a bit. Well, until I did my flailing and thinking that I can’t run anymore because it’s so exhausting thing. But for a few hundred meters we were actually running together and I was only a bit slower than him. Seems I am improving after all.

The rest of the day was busy but uneventful. Lots of teaching, some music, some more writing (not enough but it never is), in the evening I forced the boy to practice piano (he’s still liking it after three days in), we had dinner, I did more dishes, watched „Firefly“ while spinning (I’m all through now. Not quite sure what I’ll do for the next few days.) and there was still time enough to read a bit before going to bed. And I actually went to bed early and got lots of sleep. Yeah!

Today there will be running agin, and a lot of teaching, and hopefully more writing, and music, and going to bed early, and not eating too much.

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