Dec 202017

The day started out okay but got derailed around 8.30 when it took forever for my husband to make his coffee. He used the coffee maker with the new rubber ring and sieve and that meant the poor thing had to wait for his coffee for an hour. (He had to build a fire first which usually takes about half an hour but the coffee maker was not working quite right.)

So I was late doing my errands which meant I couldn’t help him make lunch which made lunch really late, and then the whole day flew off the rails. I started the afternoon with a break which meant I didn’t clean when I wanted to, and then I cleaned instead of writing, and then after teaching I waited for the boy to come down to practice piano and do strength training with me, and then we had dinner, and then I waited for my husband to come over and have dinner too, and then I had to do a ton of dishes but I didn’t want to so I spent an hour on twitter, and then I spun and then I watched some more „Firefly“ and opened a beer, and then I went to bed way too late without having written a single word. Well, apart from my blog post and twitter DMs and emails, that is.

Apparently this system is not working.

Plus I ate all the chocolates, cookies and more chocolate yesterday. Harumph.

Today there will be running and quite a bit of teaching, and practice, and spinning, and doing the dishes on time this time, and I really hope for some novel-writing. There definitely is enough time in the day, because when I can be on twitter for hours on end there should be thirty minutes somewhere in there where I can write my own story. Of course looking at twitter is much more passive than writing. Still.

I’d say it’s time for Christmas break but we all know that that will be a long string of days where I don’t do anything, eat and drink too much, and feel bad because of it as well.

I’m pretty sure that my craving for sugar will lessen if I write.

Now I just have to find a way to force myself to do it.

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