Dec 182017

So the boy’s birthday was rather nice if a little scattered. We all had cake for breakfast, which was very good, and then after a lunch of spaghetti bolognese we dressed up because we were expecting my husband’s uncle and aunt. We sat there nice and easy eating more cake, and listened to them tell stories. The two of them were a little stressed out and tense, they had been going from event to event for three days already with several doctor’s appointments somewhere in between.

They were keen on driving back home before darkness, and so they didn’t stay long.

Then the boy and I sat down to work on his internship application. As usual his idea of ‚almost done‘ took about three more hours of work to get to ‚done‘ but I had expected that, and so I wasn’t all that angry.

We also needed to take a picture for that thing. I forced him to wear his only shirt (black), and put some makeup on him to hide a few spots which was a rather novel sensation for him. He looked at himself in the mirror and said, „Now I get why people wear makeup!“ Yep. Unfortunately in our culture men are not supposed to wear makeup which is a bit silly. Not that I want everybody to be expected to wear full makeup at all times, I just feel that everybody should be able to do as they please.

So in the end we did not open the bottle of champagne, and the boy and I did not watch anything, instead we finished the application, got it printed out after wrangling the printer for a while (who would have thought that everything would come out looking completely orange just because I set the print quality to high?), then I spun, ate a ton of cookies and went to bed way late.

I didn’t sleep well (might have something to do with all the sugar and the going to bed too late), and am now a little late with everything.

Today I’m having a hairdresser’s appointment in Munich, and I also run an errand or two, then come back home for lunch, teach quite a few students, force the boy to play the piano, try and play the piano myself somewhere in there, and go to bed on time, maybe.

There was no writing the whole weekend, so I really want to get back to that today.

One more week until Christmas break…

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