Dec 172017

And maybe I should stop calling him a boy.

I was just looking at pictures from him rock climbing last weekend and was marveling at how tall he has grown and how long his legs are, and how athletic he was looking in those pictures hanging from the rock climbing wall. He’ll be shaving soon for sure.

Fifteen years is quite some time. Of course he is mainly looking forward to his 18th birthday which I can totally understand. He said, „Then I’ll be grown up and finished with school.“ Well, not quite. On both counts.

Yesterday was a good day even though I did not write and did not make music. But I published the podcast, and I did something I haven’t done in ages, I baked Christmas cookies. They don’t look like much but they taste pretty good. I made Zimtsterne, then looked at the three egg yolks that were left over, and looked for a reciped that used them. Then I proceeded to make a ton of Vanillekipferl. As I said, not looking like much but delicious.

I started the day rather early, with reading, and then I had a piece of the boy’s birthday cake for breakfast before he was even awake. He won’t mind.

He has requested money for presents because he is saving up for a big, expensive gaming computer. He has calculated that he will have enough money to buy it by next year. That’s a rather long time to save up for something. He has been on this for more than a year now. I’m hoping for everyone to be extra generous so that he’ll get there a little earlier – we’ll see.

Today I won’t get anything done for sure. There’s birthday celebrations (mostly cake), and then it will be just a normal Sunday until my husbnd’s uncle and aunt will descend upon us. We’ll spend the afternoon sitting around listening to their stories while being bored out of our minds. That will be fun. I have already told my husband to put a bottle of champagen in the fridge so we can celebrate properly tonight onve they are on their way again. Also we have decided to go out for Chinese next Friday for compensation. (I am just now realizing that that is one way the boy is like my husband and me, he really likes good food, and going out to eat.)

The package from my sister with actual presents that he will be able to unwrap got delayed in the mail, and is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

And then we’ll launch into another extra busy week before Christmas when we will collapse and eat all the cookies.

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