Dec 152017

Yesterday was mostly a day of rushing around.

In the morning it was extremely windy. We were lucky because only a part of the very old fence in the back fell down and a few panels of the greenhouse fell off. They’re plastic which means they’re not broken.

Then I wasn’t sure if I could go running. The wind had calmed down by then but we don’t usually run in the woods when it’s windy. I waffled between running my usual route, running a different one with less trees, and just going for a walk in the streets. In the end I did my usual run. A few trees had fallen down but the path wasn’t blocked much.

After lunch I taught one student, then rushed off to get the sleep tracking thing, and on my way I bought lots of food in the very nice health food store that’s in the same town as the ENT. The sleep tracking thing is just a small box with some straps, like an old walkman (remember those?) that you strap to your chest. There’s also a sensor you put on a finger to measure the oxygen in your blood, and a cannula leading to your nostrils. The sensor and the cannula need to be attached with tape.

I can say that it makes for slightly restless sleep. Every time you turn you have to take care of the apparatus, and you can’t lie on your stomach at all. My normal sleep tracker thingie is convinced that I slept very well, by the way, because I didn’t move as much as usual, I guess.

I did get almost eight hours of sleep which these days counts as a lot. Not that I’m feeling very rested.

I will have to wait a while before getting the results. I’ll make an appointment this morning and I guess it will be January before I can see the doctor.

The rest of today will be very busy as well. After breakfast I will take the train to return the thingie and make an appointment, then I will record the next podcast episode, maybe clean a little (that’s rather unlikely), help making pizza, teach non-stop the whole afternoon, and then flop into the weekend.

The boy has said he wants to start piano lessons again. I like it very much but that means my usual Friday afternoon break has just vanished. That’s usually the time where I practice music myself. I’m not sure when to do that today.

Also the writing. I did write a bit last night but was rather tired at that point. I’m not sure when I will find the time today. We’ll see.

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