Dec 112017

Well, to be completely honest I actually forgot about the strength training. Which tends to happen on Sundays so I need to find some way around that.

The good thing is that I actually pulled out the sewing machine. There is a pile of sewing in my bedroom that’s about a mile high. I started making some leggings and have been meaning to finish them for more than a year. Well, now I have mended one pair, and put elastic in two other pairs. Of course I started the sewing with the short pair of leggings. I don’t think I’ll wear those soon…

I am also feeling much better because I finally forced myself to do some writing last night. I had been stumped by that scene for almost two weeks now, and now I’ve started writing it. There is some interesting backstory there, that might become another novel at some point, and I already have an idea for book two in the series. Never mind that I haven’t finished writing book one yet.

I am also keeping up with the advent calendar which means something around 45 minutes of spinning every day. I really like it.

And we did watch some Beethoven last night before dinner, all three of us. The boy wasn’t thrilled but my husband and I loved it. He is still wrangling his broken down computer, and had a test to prepare for, and some more school stuff for which he needs his computer that doesn’t work at the moment. Fun!

Today will be a rather typical Monday. Running and music and spinning and teaching. I’m also hoping for more writing and sewing but we’ll have to see how that goes.

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