Dec 092017

Apparently I needed a lot of down time yesterday. Meh. I had all these completely unfounded feelings of dread and anxiety and feeling low. Like I usually do I tried countering them with sitting around doing nothing while eating chocolate.

By now I can say that that definitely doesn't work. On the other hand nothing really works, the only thing that might work is going to sleep at night, and seeing if the next day might be better. It usually is.

So I didn't clean everything, I didn't do much, but I have a plan for today, and so everything is alright.

I did manage to get enough sleep for once, so that's very good, and today I am only feeling light unfounded dread and anxiety and such.

I'm planning to go for a run (something that usually helps), I will have nice food, and will finish the cleaning (something that usually helps as well), and I will make music and write some words (also helpful).

I'm also planning to mostly stay away from the internet today because what I often do when feeling low is that I sit around and check instagram and twitter and ravelry every other minute. I don't need the internet to slump around, I can just as well do it through reading books but it's still a slightly different feeling.

I am still looking forward to a day of not having to be anywhere, or having to do anything particular.

I also do have a to-do list for today, of course. Doing nothing all day usually makes me feel horrible, and I'd rather avoid that.

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