Dec 062017

So yesterday was the day of running errands. My husband got up early, and after his breakfast I went to the tea shop, the health food store, the music shop, a drug store for new makeup, and the supermarket. I almost went and bought new clothes for the boy as well but then thought better of it. He is almost 15, he can go and buy his own clothes.

And then I was basically done with the day. I wasted an hour after lunch just sitting around, doing nothing which meant no writing, no practice, no nothing. Bad. I have been wanting to plan the novel-in-progress, and to plot the rest of it but I can’t make myself do it, apparently. So I guess I’ll just start typing again. Hopefully today.

After dinner I waited for my husband to finish teaching, then spun my advent calendar fiber, procrastinated about the dishes, and then about getting ready for bed, a sure sign that I’m rather tired. Turned out the light almost on time so that was good.

This morning I woke up really early, read for an hour, then got up a little too late.

I want to go for a run today, practice, write, and teach, and then go to bed early. That seems to be the most important thing at the moment, getting enough sleep. Running today will be muddy in the extreme, all the snow has melted away again. Temperatures are hovering around freezing. I’m hoping there won’t be ice in the woods. Or not too much. Last year I learned that when everything is frozen solid, that’s when I’ll stop going for runs.

I have been thinking about the last year, what I did and what I wanted to get done, and I was really shocked to see that I did not write down any goals for the year. I know I had them, I just never quite commited. I’ll do that differently next year. Even if I don’t reach my goals maybe writing them down for myself and looking at them periodically will keep me better focused. We’ll see.

Oh, and buying the makeup was a roaring success. Everything I had in my drawer was at least two years old, and you really shouldn’t use makeup that old. Now I have bought everything new, tried it out yesterday, and am really liking it. Ha! It’s funny that I’m now using makeup again. After years and years of not using any I suddenly am going back to always wearing it when I teach or am out to meet people. The thing is that I’m still not using a lot of makeup. Just a little. With my hair being so gray and my skin looking rather gray as well, and the deep, dark circles under my eyes I just feel a little better with some color on my face. Not quite sure why I had the change of heart, though.

I’ve been thinking about the argument that women wear makeup to appear more attractive for men, and I can’t really see it. I have found that most men I know can’t see if I’m wearing any makeup. The only thing they usually notice is when I’m wearing very bright lipstick. As long as it’s a muted color they don’t see it at all, and you could completely skip foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, and everything else.

I’m definitely not wearing makeup to be more attractive to my husband he rather prefers me looking natural, by the way. Paleness, crooked teeth and all.

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