Dec 012017

At least I did manage to practice all my instruments for once.

I did not record the podcast episode, though, because I was too busy freaking out about another potential new student. Everything is fine, and he’ll start lessons net week.

Having gotten enough sleep felt wonderful, and of course I then went on to go to bed way too late last night. I always keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Now it’s December already, there’s snow outside, and the year is almost over.

Since it’s Friday I will spend today rather busy with the weekly cleaning, lots of teaching – not as much as on a usual Friday, though – and recording the podcast. I will also open the first „door“ on my fiber advent calendar. This is the first time I’ve had an advent calendar in decades I think. I am excited and have high hopes of spinning it all from day to day.

And then the weekend. Which looks to be rather busy as well. Saturday I will publish the podcast, and cut the boy’s hair, bake Nusszopf and maybe do a round of errands, and on Sunday I will go to the big Saint Nicolas-spinning meeting that’s only once a year.

But first today.

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