Nov 262017

Yesterday was not quite as productive as I had hoped. On the other hand 5,300 words is nothing to sneeze at.

My 11K run went very well. It’s funny how I can barely manage 5K on an ordinary day, and then I try for more tha double that and things feel about the same.

Lunch was a little late because my husband had to deal with all kinds of things in the garden. While I was running the weather turned cold and wet, and there will be snow soon. (But then there should have been snow a while ago, and it never materialized. Right now it’s cold enough for it, though.)

Then I called a friend on the phone for her birthday and we kept talking for an hour, and then I had a hard time buckling down and doing my words. Which is why I fell short.

Over the course of the day my mother-in-law had been worrying about her very high blood pressure (she keeps taking more pills and it won’t go down) and in the evening she called a doctor so that kept me up late.

Which is why I slept in today again, and am having a late start to the day.

I’m still aiming for 10,000 words today but it will be really hard. Maybe if I do nothing but write all day.

Oh, and I found that my desk chair is really uncomfortable in the long run and makes my hip hurt when I sit in it for too long. The ktichen bench which is all wood and far from ergonomic is apparently better for my joints.


So back to the word mines. Have a happy Sunday.

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