Nov 222017

So I actually managed to write 3,500 words yesterday which is pretty awesome. Unfortunately I will have to repeat that every day until the end of November to make my goal.

But success!

Other than that I did skip strength training, and did not manage to wrap my sister’s birthday presents. Which have to be sent off today or tomorrow.

Today there will be running, teaching, and writing. Not a lot more. Well, the wrapping of the presents. I even remembered where I put my sticky tape.

I read something I wanted to blog about yesterday as well but then I totally forgot. I hope it will come back.

Oh, and one other thing that is rather exciting – at least to me – is that there is now a form to subscribe to my mailing list. So if you’re interested in hearing about my fiction writing you can sign up, and get an email when things become more solid.

I really hope I can make the boy move some of his stuff into his new room today. He doesn’t have school because of the holiday. He is somewhat reluctant because his new room is just so nice and pristine but I’d rather have my living room back some day.

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