Nov 202017

So my grand plan of writing and writing and writing didn’t quite materialize. First I downloaded a new game for my iPad which was a spectacularly dumb move, then I got interrupted every five minutes, and then I spent the whole afternoon putting furniture together and fixing it to the walls.

The good thing is that the boy’s new room is as good as done now. He needs to move his stuff upstairs but that’s all.

I did fall asleep while typing again last night, and only managed writing 1,000 words. Which is not quite enough. I’m just about to give up but then if I gave up I’d still continue writing this book, so it’s all the same. Also I always think of giving up in week three. Only I have never been that behind before.

I think in the long run I need to plan my writing so that I take a day or two a week completely off, and actually do the writing on the other days. That’s not an option for now, though, because of being behind.

Today I will go running, and teach a lot of students, and try to squeeze the writing in between.

One other obstacle to me getting words done has been the fact that I’ve been building a fire in the wood stove each morning. That involves about thirty minutes of sitting in front of it coaxing the flames to grow. That is perfect writing time going out the window right there.

I do love the warmth of the stove, though, and it is a good idea to start the fire that early.

So I guess I better stop writing here on the blog and start writing on the novel right now.

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