Nov 192017

Yesterday was pretty good, though not quite as expected. I went for my run, and was a little lazy so there was quite a bit of walking in between running. After two weeks off I’m only slowly coming back to it.

Beforehand I had realized that I couldn’t upload the next podcast episode because with the firefox update the ftp-extension I was using was no longer working. I did find an app, though, and instructions on my web host’s site were clear and findable, so a few minutes later I was happily uploading. And it even went faster than before. Phew! I had anticipated hours of frustration.

And I changed the theme on my author blog. I’m still not entirely happy but this one is at least working.

Then we made lasagna. And found that we had run out of butter. Which meant that I went to the supermarket again, and also bought a dozen other things that we had run out of. Which meant that I wasn’t helping with the lasagna, which meant that we had lunch rather late.

Then I did all.the.dishes for half an hour.

I had planned to spend two hours on the boy’s furniture in the afternoon, to write shownotes for the podcast, and to write thousands of words on the novel.

Instead I spent four hours on putting the bed together, then had dinner, and then managed to write a thousand words before falling asleep.

Well. Today there will be the publishing of the podcast, some more work on the boy’s room, and I hope to write all.the.words.

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