Nov 182017

So yesterday was a very good day for a change. I had gotten enough sleep, I managed claning the house in time, I even tackled the dreaded bathtub which hadn’t been cleaned in so long that I can’t even remember, and looked really filthy, I helped making delicious pizza, I taught all afternoon, and I even wrote 900 words in between students in the afternoon.

The problem was that 900 words was not quite enough. In order to finish NaNo I will have to write 3,000 per day.

In the evening the boy and I watched another really excellent Star Trek TNG episide (Sarek), and another very good „How I Met Your Mother“-episode, and then it was time for me to go after the word cound for real.

I am very happy to say that I actually did write 3,000 words all in all. Phew.

Now I only need to do the same again today.

Today there will be running, and lasagna, and we’ll be putting the boy’s bed and desk together, and my husband will fix the shelves to the wall, and then the boy can move his things upstairs. Finally.

There are also plans of watching more Star Trek tonight. Instead of going out and seeing a live concert. Which makes me extremely happy. I always feel weird when I prefer to stay home over going out but right now I need rest and sleep and time alone to recharge (and time to write) more than I need stimulation, and seeing people, and listening to new music.

The listening to new music might happen anyways because there has been noise about listening to some Brahms tonight. Maybe „Saturday music listening for the whole family“ is becoming a thing.

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