Nov 172017

Yesterday I had another day of feeling really tired and not up to much in the end, so I decided to just go for a walk instead of a run. We had several people come over around lunchtime, as well, which made the day a little less predictable.

I did manage to record the new podcast episode. I keep forgetting that that’s something that costs energy too, podcasting is like performing after all.

I only had one student to teach, so that wasn’t strenuous at all.

In the evening I was so tired that I actually went to bed right after dinner (without doing the dishes). I turned the lights out at nine and manged to almost sleep eight hours.

No words.

I’m hoping to be a little more energetic today.

There will be the cleaning of the house, I will help my husband make pizza for lunch, I will teach quite a few students, and I hope to watch an episode of Star Trek and go to bed early. I know. Exciting!

The other thing that I’m all happy about is that my husband and I decided not to go out and see a concert tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to staying home.

I am hoping to find some time for writing today. The day is pretty packed, though.

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