Nov 122017

For a Saturday yesterday was exceptionally good but on the not so bright side I only wrote 552 words on the novel. I had hoped for something between 5,000 and 10,000 but that just shows how overly optimistic I always am.

I did finish the weekly cleaning in the morning, and then helped to make black beans and rice, and then I sat and crocheted for a bit, and then I did the dishes, and all the while I had the urgent feeling that I should get writing but I didn’t.

It took me until 4 pm to start writing, and the minute I did my husband stormed in and needed my help with a guitar repair crisis. And again. And again.

So I took a shower, and gave myself a pedicure, and ate too much chocolate truffles, and then it was time to meet my husband and the boy because we had planned to watch the Beethoven violin concerto together. The boy had expressed an interest in getting to know more about classical music, and since the violin concerto is pretty important both for my husband and me we thought we’d start there.

It took quite some time, and was a sheer delight, even if the whole concerto was a bit too much in one go for the poor boy. And he got a ton of information about music theory and history, and the orchestra, and how to play violin, and what things are hard to play and which aren’t, and about famous violins and such. On the other hand he is quite used to it, and we try to not just heap everything on regardless of him being interested or not.

Afterwards the boy and I had a delicious dinner of potato chips in front of TV, and then I decided I really needed to get going on the novel. I managed to get another 500 words in, and then the boy showed up, eager to talk about music. Which lead to us talking about music, and history, and people, and just about everything until it was almost midnight.

So that was it with writing. I barely managed to brush my teeth before falling into bed. I did get excellent sleep but was wide awake at 6.30, oomph.

So today will be interesting. On my to do-list there is: write!, and practice. Nothing else. And no pressure, I will get as many words done as I will get done. But I need to stop making the writing into this big, fat, scary thing. Every time I just sit down and write something, even if I don’t feel like it, I’m fine. Procrastination costs way more energy.

But it’s just so familiar and cozy!

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