Nov 112017

Fridays are always pretty packed around here these days. It’s when I teach more students than any other day of the week, and I usually try to clean the house a little before the weekend, and every other week I make pizza from scratch on top of it.

Also I’m still not quite recovered from laryngitis. Can’t sing, and shouldn’t talk much which makes teaching rather interesting.

I did manage to cut my husband’s hair which had been overdue for quite some time now, and then I spent some time talking with my mother-in-law. She is still feeling a little shaken, and so we try to look after her once or twice per day.

Which meant that I didn’t manage to do all the cleaning. And since my teaching schedule changed, and I am now teaching right up until dinnertime on Fridays I couldn’t make up for it in the evening.

They boy and I watched an excellent episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” after dinner. First episode with Lt. Barclay for those of you who are interested. We finished early because my husband wanted to watch the Germany vs. England soccer game.

Then I returned to the kitchen to a huge sink full of dishes and pizza-making stuff. With the pizza-making for lunch, and the non-stop teaching I hadn’t had time to do the dishes after lunch, and so I had to do them at a time when all I wanted was go to bed.

And then I was really angry at myself for not writing a single word all day. I wrote my evening NaNoWriMo blog post, and then I sat down and wrote for half an hour, starting the new novel because I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Seems like I did 1,500 words. Which is great.

I did go to bed a little late, though. Am yawning as I type this.

Today I will try to finish cleaning, give myself a pedicure, write all the words in the world, and maybe spin a little since I am missing out on spinning meeting. Better to stay at home to rest my voice a bit more.

But I started the novel! (::grins::)

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