Nov 102017

Yesterday was another day full of stuff I didn’t really plan for. Since I had only very few students, and nothing else planned I thought I could work on the novel for a few hours. Yeah, right.

In the morning I got the lab results from my doctor visit, and then I spent quite some time on the internet trying to make sense of them. The good news is that I’m not anemic and don’t have a vitamin deficiency, and that I’m mostly functioning within normal parameters. There is one thing off, though. It would point to Graves’ disease, only that usually goes with hyperthyroidism, and I have none of the symptoms of that. At lunchtime I realized that the doctor putting „sleep troubles“, and „big weight loss“ into her report means that it really does look like Graves’ disease. Only that weight didn’t just fall off, I had to work very hard for a long time (and right now it’s creeping back up), and I don’t have trouble sleeping at all. I’m just all tired all the time. And cold. I’m sitting here wearing long johns and yoga pants, and wool socks, and a fleece jacket that’s meant to be worn outdoors in a cozy warm kitchen and I’m still feeling cold.

So I might have Hasimoto’s. Or something else. I’m not a doctor after all, I’m just someone who reads a lot and knows how to use google. (Though I have to say I was about to explain to my husband how the thyroid works, and what all those hormones and antibodies did while he was making lunch, and had to realize that I might have read a little more on the topic than most people.)

Since I spent so much time on that (I also researched sleep apnea, and no, I still don’t think I have it) I did not spend enough time on the novel. But I’m making progress. It might be tomorrow until I start the actual writing, though. Hmpf.

Today will be extra busy. There’s the weekly cleaning (which is even more important today because I was feeling too sick last week to do it), and the making of the pizza, and the teaching of all.the.students, and the cutting of my husband’s hair. I’ll flop down in front of a TV show tonight and not do anything.

Also I keep forgetting that I’m still not at a hundred percent. My laryngitis is better but not gone completely. So I better scale back a little.

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