Nov 052017

Yesterday was mostly spent feeling miserable and sick. My voice was almost completely gone which meant that I was really happy to have recorded the podcast episode the day before.

Not having a voice usually makes it hard for me to make music, even play the piano or guitar. Somehow when I can’t sing I feel like music is out of the question.

I did get the podcast episode published, at least, as you might have noticed.

There were zero words written on the novel. Which is really, really bad.

I did start researching books that are similar to the one I’m trying to write and found that I didn’t enjoy reading a single one of them. Lighthearted books about women, control over their lives and matters of weight should be fun to read, and I have read some that I really enjoyed but right now I found them all somewhat uninspiring. I lent a few through Kindle Unlimited, and downloaded a bunch of samples and by the end of the day I deleted them all from my ereader, and was completely fed up with the genre as a whole.

And then I turned back to the paranormal mystery series I’m currently reading, and the steampunk novella that I’ve been looking forward to for ages now.

This morning I woke up somewhat refreshed with a new main character in my head.

In order to get the novel finally moving I turned the laptop on while still in bed, and thought about what the next scene would be. I had had two ideas and couldn’t decide.

And then I reaized how much I couldn’t be bothered. The idea for this novel is good, it has potential for a nice character arc, the setting is enjoyable, and in theory this should be really easy to write, but…

I won’t.

In just a second I decided not to force myself to finish this story.

Now normally I would not recommend that to anyone. It usually feels like getting cold feet on your wedding day.

But right now this feels like so right, I can’t even say,

So. New plan: I will spend today reading „Story Genius“ (affiliate link) by Lisa Cron, and then I will work my way through some of Holly Lisle’s workshops about creating worlds, and characters, and plot.

Then I will outline, and then I will start writing the next novel. Which will be the first in the next series that I’ve been wanting to tackle for more than a year. Not that I have an idea already, so that will be interesting.

This might mean giving up on NaNo for this year. Or it might mean working like crazy and doing NaNo anyway, we’ll see.

This is all very exciting.

So today will be spent reading and knitting. My husband is having another friend over today who wants to record audio samples of the congas she wants to sell. We haven’t seen her in ages, and I’m supposed to stay mute because of my voice. But then she already thinks I’m weird.

And the boy will be back home tonight. Rather late, I’m afraid. I’m really looking forward to him being home again. And I am rather nervous about him catching the train on time. But then he will have to navigate that on his own.

So. Lots to do today even though I have ditched exercise and cleaning. Who would have thought.

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