Nov 022017

Well. I even slept in yesterday but that meant I didn’t really get started on the day until the afternoon. No writing in the morning – apart from blogging – no run because of my cold, and then I spent almost two hours helping my husband make lasagna.

In the afternoon the boy and I chose all the furniture for his new room. It will be delivered mid-November. Which is really good but didn’t help with my NaNo wordcount.

I finally started writing in the late afternoon, typed out 2,000 words, and that was that.

I did watch an episode of Star Trek TNG with the boy, tried for some more writing and failed, and then stayed up way too late beause I wanted to finish a book.

So today I am a) super-tired, b) still sick with a sore throat, and c) pretty behind on my novel-writing plans.

Also the boy will leave today for a weekend of workshops and fun with other teenagers. He still has to pack, I will have to help him figure out how to get from the train station to the youth hostel, and I am a little nervous because he will be traveling all on his own for the first time ever. He only has to change trains once, but still.

And he doesn’t know anyone there, has no idea how the whole weekend will go, and so he is a bit nervous as well.

I’m thinking I’ll skip today’s run as well but really should go for a walk. It’s been ages since I last exercised and I don’t like it.

So today will be the second attempt at hitting 10K of words in a day. I really hope that I’ll start earlier than late afternoon today. And that I’ll manage to go to bed at a decent time instead of past midnight.

It’s weird, the time change went in the other direction. I should be turning the lights out at nine or something, and instead I stay up until the middle of the night.

In my defence it was a really great book (affiliate-link), and while I have finished the series I was happy to see the announcement for a spin-off. Which reminds me that I need to sign up for Chloe Adler’s newsletter.

  4 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 52: All about procrastination”

  1. Dir gute Besserung und dem Sohn ein tolles Erlebnis!

  2. Das mit der verkehrten Zeitumstellung ist mir bei mir auch schon aufgefallen – eigentlich bei allen älteren Familienmitgliedern.
    Aber ich versuche, es nicht allzu spät werden zu lassen und meist fühle ich mich relativ ausgeschlafen (könnte an meinem abendlichen Mantra liegen, dass der Schlaf, den ich in der Nacht bekommen werde, genug ist – funktioniert ganz gut, wenn ich nicht dauerhaft zu wenig Schlaf bekomme)

    Lieben Gruß,

    • Das beruht wahrscheinlich auf dem Phänomen, dass es so schwer ist, sich fürs Bett fertig zu machen, wenn man eh schon übermüdet ist. Noch dazu bin ich in den ersten zwei Tagen extra länger aufgeblieben, weil ich wusste, ich gehe am Dienstag abend aus.

      Das mit dem Mantra habe ich auch schon probiert. Hat super funktioniert – für ca. zwei Wochen…

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