Nov 012017

My plan for yesterday involved getting the whole novel planned, and unsurprisingly I didn’t actually manage to do that.

I’m good, though. I have a start to the story, and I’ll find the rest on the way for sure. I just hope that having to go searching for how the story unfolds doesn’t give me trouble writing. We’ll see.

Also I actually completely forgot to do strength training. Some time in the afternoon I was rather puzzled because I had so much time on my hands, and I just realized why when it was time to leave.

My husband and I had had plans to go out for döner, then attend a meeting, then see a concert, and then go out for drinks afterwards. Turned out the döner place was already closed up for the evening which was sad because their döner is really great. We had to settle for somewhat inferior döner, and couldn’t drink our beers inside for legal reasons so we ended up standing in front of the philharmonic with bottles of beers in the cold. Classy.

The meeting had been moved but nobody told us. Mixed blessing.

The concert was really, really good but I would have enjoyed it much more if I hadn’t starting nodding off again. And almost from the start. Also my throat hurt like crazy, and it seems I really do have a cold. I briefly thought about leaving at intermission but then didn’t want it to seem like I didn’t like the music, and stayed until the end. Drinks afterwards was canceled too, it was all a little weird but I was okay with that.

So we ended up getting back home somewhat earlier than expected, and I promptly stayed up until after midnight.

I even managed to „sleep in“ until 7.40 which means I didn’t quite get enough sleep yet again.

Which also means that it’s already almost 11 am, and I haven’t written my usual blog post, meditated or worked on the novel. Today will be interesting.

I did decide to skip my run for today because of the cold, I’m hoping I’ll get better soon.

Today I will write all.the.words (I hope), help the boy get everything ready for his trip tomorrow, help the boy order furniture for his new room, practice a bit, help making lasagna for lunch, and go to bed early (I hope).

Apart from the writing this will all be pretty easy. Squeezing loads of writing in will be rather challenging, though, especially since I haven’t written anything yet.

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