Oct 312017

All in all yesterday was a very good day. The only thing not good was that I didn’t finish planning my novel as I had wanted. Which wsa kind of the most important thing for that day. Well.

But. We did manage to move the boy’s desk, computer, chair and mattress to his new room upstairs which is making us all very happy. That took a chunk of time out of my day. In the process he learned how to mop a floor, clean a toilet (by his own request), and use the washing machine. All very important milestones.

I ran 5K rather slowly because I’m still having a cold, and so I took it slow. I also went grocery shopping because today and tomorrow are public holidays, and all the shops will be closed.

When I finally sat down for a little break around 2.30 I was forcefully reminded why I usually try to do my creative work in the mornings before everybody else is up. First my husband sat down next to me to tell me how his creative work had been interrupted by an email, and how now his whole day was blown out of the water because he would no longer be able to focus on his most important project.

I then went to my studio and did my usual singing and piano warmups while starting to thing about the novel.

Then my husband came in again to talk about something with me again, and shortly after he left the boy came because the wifi was acting up, and I spent another 50 minutes re-configuring the repeater, as one does, and then there was the laundry to hang up and dinner to make.

Let’s recap: I had four hours of time yesterday afternoon for planning my novel, making a bit of music, and having a break or two, and all I managed was about thirty minutes of warmup.

The boy and I watched an episode of Star Trek TNG while eating dinner, and afterwards my husband was done with teaching, and we opened a bottle of champagne, and listened to a progressive metal musical the boy had found, and wanted to show us. Very nice family evening, something we don’t do often.


No novel-planning which is driving me completely crazy.

Today there will be the planning of the novel, hopefully a bit of strength training, practice, and then my husband and I will take a train to Munich for döner, a concert, and maybe drinks afterwards.

A big part of me would rather stay home but then I always prefer staying home. I just hope I won’t fall asleep during the concert again.

And tomorrow I’ll start writing that novel. Planned or not. I just hope I can find a way of actually using the time I have during the day. I’m not ready to get up at five again.

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