Oct 292017

And I didn't manage to get to that one in time either. I really have to work on this, I hate being late. But when I go somewhere by bike it's much easier to just procrastinate a little longer, and go a little later.

The bike ride there was great, fall colors everywhere, the sun shining with little clouds in the sky but a little windy. It did get really windy until I went back home, and now it's stormy and gray.

The spinning meeting was really nice, I met people I hadn't seen in ages, and I made good progress on the burgundy merino. The food was very good as well but didn't quite agree with me.

The only thing I really don't like about cafès and restaurants is that tea always comes in these tiny pots that are barely bigger than a regular cup.

We all headed back home around two after a great time, and I went along with one of the spinners (who is apparently reading this blog as I learned – waves) so I found a really beautiful scenic route along the water.

At home I didn't do much of anything for the rest of the day, and in the evening found that a) the Sophie's Universe-blanket is big enough to keep me warm already, and b) I can't really watch TV while working on it. (Can't read while working on it either because I have to really look at what I'm doing most of the time.)

I did call my mother because of her birthday, and she seems to like the songs I did record. Phew. We only talked a little but she had a few people over and her sister had baked a cake but she was already headed back to bed after an hour. I must say I was surprised she lasted that long. Maybe she is starting to get better already.

Today there wont be much. I am having a cold so I'm planning to drink a lot of tea. I will sit and read, and make a little music, and knit a gauge swatch for the sweater I'm planning to work on in November, and maybe there will be a minute or two of thinking about the new novel but that's that.

A relaxed Sunday, what a treat!

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