Oct 282017

So yesterday morning my blog was down. Bummer. There had been scheduled maintenance the night before, and as a result of that I needed to change a password, only no one told me. I managed to get that going again with help from support but it took me an hour of my precious time. And while I’m trying to be all stoic, and was determined not to get all flustered about it, of course I didn’t manage that. Still practicing.

I do need to become less easily triggered emotionally in the long run, really, this is ridiculous. Every tiny little thing sends me into a tailspin. Even when I know something is not a big deal, or is something I can’t do anything about. I guess more meditation practice, better sleep, and more reading of stoic literature is in order.

I did the weekly pseudo-cleaning of the house which was very good, and I made pizza from scratch, and taught all the students, and watched „Star Trek: TNG“ with the boy last night which was basically the highlight of my day. The series became better and better starting in season 2 so now he likes it too, and doesn’t only watch because it’s something one needs to know.

I went to bed only a little late but didn’t sleep well. I have now confirmed that eating a lot of dark chocolate right before bed will make my sleep restless. I don’t like this but I shouldn’t eat that much anyway so maybe that’s a good thing. I did a little better last week but I still am binge-eating against the overwhelm and fatigue. Funny enough it doesn’t really work (it never does) but it feels like it does which is why I keep doing it. Maybe I should start taking mini-naps instead of eating. Not that I find the idea in any way appealing.

Today I will go to yet another spinning meeting I haven’t been to before. This one is at a restaurant which means no wheels. I’m taking the never-ending burgundy merino and a spindle. I carded the fiber I want to spin today two days ago, and packed my bag yesterday. Now I only need to take a shower, wash my hair, make a phone call, and then I’ll bike to the meeting.

It is really cold ouside so I have to remember to take a hat, scarf, and gloves. Hat hair is nothing compared to wearing a knitted hat under a bike helmet right after washing your hair. I guess I’ll use the hair dryer for once but it won’t make any difference anyways.

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